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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Who you are?

We are a talented freelancer build our own website to serve better and reach more client.

Q. Where you guys are based in?

We are based in Bangladesh.

Q. What payment method you support?

We only support MasterCard and VISA via Payoneer. We will send you payment request from Payoneer and you will have to use your MasterCard or VISA to pay.

Q. Can I get refund after the payment is completed?

No, we don’t refund any money. So please be sure for what project and it’s term you are paying for. Once you pay for the project is final and no refund will be given afterwords. When you are paying you are agreeing to our refund policy.

Q. How many days a project will take to complete?

We will discuss the project with you and will decide how many days it can take. We will start the project only when we both agree to the terms for the project.

Q. Do you provide consultation on email deliverability?

Yes, we do provide consultation on email deliverability.

Q. How many days a week you guys work?

We work 6 days a week Saturday to Thursday 9AM to 5PM GMT 6+ time. Though we do communicate throughout the day 7 days a week and 24 hours period. If you have any task that’s need to be done other than our working time we may arrange that time. We are flexible with it.

Q. Can I check my project progress online?

Yes, you can login to our member area and can check the progress of your project.

Q. Do you offer on-going support on a project if needed?

Yes, we do provide on-going support if a project is needed. We will discuss with client and then we agree on a term.

Q. After project is completed and delivered, can I ask for any support?

Yes, you are always welcome. We can support you on the completed project without any fee unless there is new things which need to work on based on the project agreement.

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